July 28, 2011

27 July 2011.. hey Shawty, it's MY B'day.. LOL!! -- let me introduce you my makeup artist pal, Lara's work..

hello again.. today is actually my 26th birthday.. i'm getting old.. sobbed.. but anyway, wanna share you a lil bit about today's fun day with my pretty girls.. surprise cake and fun MAKEOVER!!! yeayy... i do LOVE makeover.. esp it was done by my friend, Lara.. whose got amazing fingers to paint my face.. so let's check out her work..

1st of all.. MY CAKE!!! yayyy.. oh yeah and the "BEFORE" photo of me..

 why they called me "CHIN"? long story.. i'll tell you later.. ;D -- btw the cake was from the Cheese Cake Factory.. i don't know rhe cake's name but it has this Cocoa Mousse and CheeseCake part.. taste : oh la laaaaa!!! yummm yummmm...

sorry to sore your eyes out with my "before" look.. but in my defense, i just woke up and my eyes kinda puffy,, LOL!!!

let's move to the MAKEOVER fun part.. see her (Lara's) makeup trunk.. JEALOUS!!!

80 percent of her trunk filled with etude cosmetics.. awesome "high end" product from Korea.. great result, but well.. when there's price, there's quality ehh!! :)

now let's see the AFTER.. mmm.. just get ready!!

AMAZING!!! Love her work.. thank God, she's one of my best friend.. haha.. i'll tell you which products she used for my look plus the picts on the next one OK.. gtg, my fiancee's waiting.. byeeee..




  1. I'm a new follower =) Aw you look so pretty, I love how you did your makeup!

  2. Hi, thank you following my blog. Happy birthday for you!

    Nice post btw, but it'd be better if the photos are clearer :-)


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  4. @little petite --> thank youuu.. my friend did that.. awesome right?!?!

    @hanna --> thanks a lot for the input.. appreciate it (since i'm the newbie..LOL) .. ;) love your blog!! please follow me back.. thanks againn... :D